[Feature] Opening a vault requires multiple taps


[X] iOS
Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.16

Opening vaults on iOS requires two taps: the second tap being the “Enter Vault” option. That extra tap is unnecessary.

Typical iOS behavior for elements like this would suggest putting the much less frequent rename/delete options in a context menu or secondary UI. For inspiration I would look to the Files app, where tapping on a folder opens it and a long-press brings up a context menu with options like Delete, Rename, etc. Since vaults are conceptually similar to folders this type of UI would seem to make sense.


Agreed here. One possibility to increase discovery would be to add some symbol to the end of each vault name in the list, an info (i) button, three dots, or some other indicator that could be tapped to surface those less-frequently used options.

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I also find this a little annoying as someone who switches between vaults a lot. It takes 3 taps to open a vault, and the taps are on different parts of the screen so there’s finger-stretching.