[Feature] Obsidian and Drafts (iOS) – possible combination yet?

For a long time, I’ve used Drafts for quick capture on my iPhone. I haven’t yet found a way to get notes from Drafts into Obsidian. Drafts can’t save directly to Obsidian Sync, for obvious reasons, and doesn’t have access to Obsidian’s folder if iCloud Drive is used for syncing.

Has anyone found a solution?

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You can use Drafts to append to a file — does that not do what you want? (You can also create new notes in Obsidian from Drafts with the URL scheme.)

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Both create and append. Had missed that Obsidian have a URL scheme. Is it the same as on desktop?

Yes the same URI scheme works on both iOS and desktop/laptop (I think it assumes you have at one point opened the same vault on both). Here’s what I use, though I forget where I got it from:

const cd = Credential.create("Obsidian", "Obsidian")
cd.addTextField("Vault", "_Vault - LLTB")

const URL = draft.processTemplate(`obsidian://new?vault={{${cd.getValue("Vault")}}}&name={{[[display_title]]}}&content={{[[body]]}}`)

Here’s a built action in the Drafts directory.