[Feature] Mobile PDF Export

This would be great for me, as I compile notes through embeddings and then export pdf, so I cannot share my work whenever I am not home (no access to desktop)

+1 for me.
It would be helpfull to share meeting notes in a blink.
Also share recipe’s of wunderfull dishes :wink:

What app do you use to export to, that will preserve both markdown and images?

The way I am working around this right now is by doing the following:

  1. Export from Obsidian to Scrivener
  2. Then export from Scrivener to Pages using RTF option

This will at least keep markdown format however I have to re-insert images.

+1, this is one of the biggest lacks of iOS version compared to desktop

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Please implement this. It would make the iOS version way more useful for me.

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Template support would be nice . So every exported PDF (also on desktop) looks in the same way.

E.g. users in company’s can add their logo on top of the document etc.

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It would be great if Obsidian for iOS could also offer the ability to share a markdown file to PDF.

There is now a share function with a quick look option to print the raw markdown text. However, the wish for the possibility to print a note with rendered text - like a PDF-Export is not fulfilled.
Will this be added later or is this no longer on the agenda. If not, please think about it again and implement it.

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+1 for this feature, to share documents would be very useful! And support for pdf templates too :slight_smile:

+1, i often share notes via mobile and it’s not very nice to send someone raw markdown

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I would also like to show my support for this feature. Can be quite cumbersome to have to go to my comuter to try and export my document to a PDF as I do most of my writing inside Obsidian now.

+1 for this.

Agree 100%
Exporting to PDF / Word etc. is still a nightmare in Obsidian, it should be a part of a core plugin and not depending on external developer and another external tool like pandoc.
I’m using Obsidian in various places, it makes it really difficult to control the settings in a way that export is working everywhere. Currently, it works on Mac, but not on win.

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