[Feature] Mobile PDF Export

Use case or problem

Many other text editors and programs on iOS offer the ability to share a markdown file to PDF, so it can be easily shared with others or even for final edits before publishing. you can find implementations here and here.

Proposed solution

You may be able to rely on Apple’s built in PDFKit to accomplish this, or possibly UIKit.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently I can open the MD files in another program and export from there.


I would also like this as a feature - would be very useful for on the fly sending of info

I would love for this to be added

+1. I was trying to do this on my iPad this morning and had to fallback to the desktop app.

Would love this feature too

Please add this feature.

I would appreciate if you could add this feature. Work around opening in another app “Open in default app: Share” works but is tedious.

+1 for this feature as well.

Really need it, sharing to other app is now a pain as it’s sharing all the markdown control symbols