[Feature] Mobile app: You can't jump from the local graph view to the contents of a note?


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version:

It seems that, in the mobile app, once you view a note in the local graph window, there is no easy way to switch over to viewing the contents of any of those notes you’re looking at in the local graph view. On my PC I do this by right clicking a note in the local graph view, and then clicking the “open in new pane” option. There seems to be no equivalent option in the mobile app. Am I overlooking something?

Tapping a node opens it for me —or are you specifically looking for the “open in new pane” ability? I don’t think you can context-click the nodes on graphs yet.

I’m not specifically looking for a “open in new pane” option, but that would be a solution to the problem I’m having.

I can open a note by tapping a node in the non-local graph view, but in the local graph view this doesn’t seem to be a option. I’m only able to drag the nodes around.

If the local graph view is linked to another pane, then clicking on nodes will open the notes in the linked pane. However, if the panes are not linked there seems to be no way to open a note in the local graph view. It seems I can’t even open a new pane and link it to the already open local graph view. The local graph view is kind of just a dead end.

Aha, I see what you mean. Good catch. I think this is a feature request, but you’re right, there needs to be a way to open notes directly from the local graph view when it is not linked to a pane.

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yes, that would be helpful. The way it is at the moment, you open a graph view, click on a note, it opens the note. Then you swipe right to go back and the graph refreshes in a completely new way, making it impossible to orient and find the link you just worked on. Opening links in another pane would help, at last on the ipad.
On the iphone it wouldn’t because there isn’t enough space.
So another option would be to prevent the graph from redrawing every time.

From a UI standpoint I don’t think it makes sense anyway to redraw the graph every time.

also, small bug:
in the graph view filter, you can’t drag the “depth” slider, you can only tap on the invisible points on the slider. On the desktop it shows the number, maybe it could show the number on mobile as well.