[Feature] Lock/Password Protection for Obsidian


[I dont personally use it but it could have the feature too] iOS
[✓] Android

Obsidian Mobile Version: v1.0.4

TDLR;Add the option to enable a pin/password that must be entered before you can use the rest of the app

Backstory: Half the reason I use Obsidian is for diary writing, and it would be amazing to not have the dread that my brother could just snatch my phone and read everything

Related Post: there was another post similar to this, but im suggesting just a pin/password feature, while the other post suggests 2fa[which could be added too, for those who need more security]

Weakpoint ?: As for the fact that theres not much point since the files are in the system-the file explorer i use is password protected[ofc a computer could be connected to see the files(in my case my brother wouldnt do ALL of that so just a pin/password would be good enough)]


Dup of [Feature] Biometric/FaceID/PIN protection - #3 by scott1

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