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Obsidian Mobile version: v1.2.0
iOS version: 15.4.1

So this is kind of a dumb post maybe, but on the documentation for syncing it says that for iOS you can only use either iCloud or Obsidian Sync, and that if we find a way to use other services to let us know.

I’m going to put an example of how i synchronize my passwords. I use KeePassXC on both windows and linux, save the file inside my OneDrive account and it gets automatically synced, and when it comes to iOS, i can access my .kdbx file is stored locally and monitored by OneDrive inside the app (onedrive) local directory, which i can access from the KeePassium app, and changes get monitored and uploaded also, and it can be configured to not even need internet, files are locally stored.

Why does Obsidian for ios do not have an option to browse the phone filesystem? You could easily configure other ways to synchronize your Vault that way.

What i currenty do is use the iOS files app to copy from time to time my Vault stored on the Onedrive folder to the Obsidian folder.

The KeePassium app only needs access to one file, while Obsidian needs access to an entire folder, with all its subfolders.
This uses different API’s.

Thanks to App Sandboxing and those cloud storage providers not using the required iOS API’s, this is not possible.

See this reply:

And this section on the page you linked:

Yeah, that makes sense. I will look if there are some plugins for onedrive and if I can sync it that way, thanks.

If not maybe in summer I will see if I can find or make a solution.

I have a question, why cant I choose where to store the Vaults on iOS?

I use syncthing to sync most of my stuff between my linux, android and iOS devices and it works flawlessly. If obsidian lets me chose where to put my “master Vault DIR” where I can put all my vaults, I don’t see why I could not sync it between my ipad and Linux device. I don’t need it to connect with any third party apps, if I want to have a picture or another attachment I could just make a new directory in that master folder and it could be linked to the vaults right?

syncing on obsidian on android works this way on my Linux machines

As I already said:
Apple restricts this, with its implementation of App Sandboxing.

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