[Feature] Default app for markdown



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.1

I would like Obsidian to open markdown files on Android when I tap on them. This would provide multiple new points of entry for the mobile Android user.

I recently setup Sesame Search and Shortcuts, a companion app for Nova Launcher, which provides universal search for Android devices. The cool thing is, it will search all files on my device and list all notes from my vault with relevant file names inline with everything else. Unfortunately, Obsidian won’t open markdown files when I tap on them, nor can I set Obsidian as my default markdown editor. I have to use the Markor app to open my notes from the file browser and inline with universal search results for Sesame.

According to the link below, “you can’t assign an application to open a specific file extension (.notes or .md in this case) if the application has no explicit intent filter declared in manifest file to open that extension type.” I have no idea if this is the reason I cannot associate Obsidian with markdown files, but it might be helpful. There is more detail in the link.

I appreciate any time you can put to this feature request. Also, please let me know if there currently is a way to achieve the same result. Thank you

This is unlikely to become a feature anytime soon, alas. See previous discussions (also, please search before posting requests):


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Thank you for your reply

Really a pity, what a great app, but if the app has to be found, opened, and the files have to be searched, found and opened (and in the vault), that’s way to time consuming and cumbersome. So for me the app is not usable this way. Hope this will change, would love to make this m productive default app on Android.