[Feature] Background sync


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.4

When I open Obsidian, it syncs. This is good — but it takes time.

I would like Obsidian Mobile to sync in the background instead, so that when I open it, it’s ready to go.

I have two ideas around this:

  1. (Possibly simplest?) Expose an intent/activity, which I could then hook into using Tasker. So I would implement my own cron job with Tasker that would just use the hook.
  2. Implement it internally, “Sync every X minutes”.

Is any of these feasible? Is there already a way to do this which I’m missing?


I always make changes to old version of the note and notice it way too late

This would really be valuable and solve the daily note getting appended when it already exists.


Lack of background sync means I have to open the app and babysit it whenever there are large changes.

Trying to allow Android app to run on background - tried to find a setting on android app and the default app settings of the phone but ended up with nothing. The app stops syncing even when the screen shuts down to save energy…

Does anyone know how to allow the app to sync on a continuous basis?

try to search battery in the App settings and enable allow background activity.

already allowed - but it does not show any background activity (shows 0 min). Something else must be keeping it from running in the background

another try:

  1. run OB, then back to [Home screen]
  2. press the [recent apps] key, then rencent Apps including OB shows
  3. lock the OB App by long press the OB icon in the [recent apps ] screen, thus OB app will not be automatically killed by Android.
    Hope this work.