[Feature] Auto-switch between edit and preview modes


[X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: 1.05

Many iOS apps auto-enter an “edit” mode when the keyboard is active (i.e. when you tap in the text field and enter a “preview” mode when the keyboard is dismissed. Evernote is a good example of this.

This would be an amazing feature for Obsidian. Of course, the current preview/edit button would still exist; it would just toggle this mode on and off.

This sounds like this will be solved by live preview:

This feature will soon be available to regular mobile users.

Hm. I actually think I would still want this feature, but it sounds like Live Preview will make it mostly redundant.

is live-preview on iOS available to insiders? I’m logged in but don’t see it as an option

be sure you are using the insider build from testflight, being logged in the app is not enough.

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