[Feature] A more convenient way to switch between vaults in the iOS app

Right now it requires 3 clicks to switch between the vaults in the iOS app (click on the vaults icon, select the vault, click “Enter vault”). It would be amazing to have a way to switch between vaults in one-click. It might not sound like much, but a more seamless experience of working on multiple vaults would make a big difference.

Maybe above the vaults icon (in the bottom-left corner of the screen) there could be icons that allow you to switch to different vaults in one tap. Basically like Discord allows you to switch between servers.


There’s a duplicate of this on the other forum: Add separate button for vault settings, so that we can open vaults with one tap, not two

I like this solution, but I also like the idea of holding down on the Vaults button to get a menu of vaults that you could slide up and select from.

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