"Failed to save file... Destination file already exists!"

All of a sudden, whenever I make edits, it says “Failed to save file… Destination file already exists!..” :grimacing:

I have checked that the files are being written to disk, since when I visit my vault and open them in an external editor, the saved changes are there. I’m afraid to close obsidian or restart, however, in case something isn’t right. I’d like to restart but I don’t want any data loss. I have made a copy of the vault and everything looks about the same but I can’t confirm everything is intact because I have a lot of long notes.

So I backed up the vault, restarted obsidian, still getting the same problem. I restarted the computer, but I’m still getting the error (Windows 10 btw). I made sure I have write permissions to the vault and its contents. This happened shortly after I created a junction point (directory hardlink) to open the vault in another window. I’ve since scrapped that idea and trashed the hardlink. I’m not sure what happened, but think it’s probably related since this happened the same day.

Changes to .md files seem to be written to disk, but I’m still getting the error every time I make a change.

I’m going to try creating a new vault and see if the problem persists, then make a copy of my existing vault contents in a fresh directory and see if that solves the problem.

A bit of a shot in. the dark, but are you using the plugin “Auto Note Mover” which automatically moves the active note to a set respective folder according to the rules you set up?

It seems that lots of people are successfully using it, but I had to turn it off as I was getting that same error message as you.

I’m using a mixed Windows, McOS and iPad System and “tons” of other plugins which may be why the problem arises for me.

I have not had a chance to go back and isolate the problem (it is probably an interaction between plugins causing the problem not the Auto Note Mover directly) and I do plan when I have time to go back and sort this out - as the functionality is a wonderful addition to my workflow - but for now just turning off the plugin relieves the scare I got every time I saw the error message!

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