"Failed to load "[Name of the file].md". Ranges must be added sorted by `from` position and `startSide`

Hi all, I’m trying to troubleshoot this and can’t find anything about it here on the Forum. Has anyone had the same issue? I’m new to Obsidian, coming from Notion. Here’s an exemple: the file itself is a simple daily note containing:

:RiTaskLine: Tasks

  • call [Name of the Person] :date: 2024-04-14 [[Overdue]]

:OcPeople16: Meetings

:BoBxPencil: Notes

:RiDeleteBin6Line: Etc

after i create it and write some content down, it doesn’t open back up when clicked, it returns the error “Failed to load “[Name of the file].md”. Ranges must be added sorted by from position and startSide

I’m getting this on other notes as well, though not all of them. I first had this while using the PDF++ annotation feature to copy quotes from a PDF to a note, and when I closed it, it wouldn’t reopen. So every time I closed the note on Obsidian, I had to open the .md file on another app [I used Notepad++], copy all content, delete from the .md, save the empty file, then open the empty note in Obsidian and paste all the content back there so I could keep working. And then this happened with a much simpler file as well that should be easier to troubleshoot.

I thought it might be some incompatibility with the icon packs, so I edited them out [opened the .md file in Notepad++, deleted, saved it and opened on Obsidian again]. Didn’t help. So I deleted the only content on the note, the “- call [Name of the Person] :date: 2024-04-14 [[Overdue]]” line. And then it opened on Obsidian like it should have. What’s going on here? This is driving me crazy!!

I don’t understand what the error message means, “Ranges must be added sorted by from position and startSide”. Any help is MUCH appreciated.

You can find a set of troubleshooting steps below:

Those steps include testing with no community plugins, and making sure to update your Obsidian installer, and update any plugins.

The iconize plugin was causing some trouble recently. I think it was fixed, but you’d have to update the plugin. (And don’t forget to test with no plugins to make sure that was it.)

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