Failed Experiment? Obsidian Publish for Blog

I was hoping to save a few pennies by moving from Squarespace to Obsidian Publish for my blog. I email new article updates to my subscribers by providing the new article URL in the email.

I have been able to successfully publish a fewer older articles in Obsidian as an experiment. That is working fine. However, when I copy the article URL for my Obsidian site and then send the URL link via email to myself as a test, when I click on that link in the email, I get the “404 File not found Oops, this file does not exist. Try look for something else” error message.

I am not using a custom Obsidian domain. Should I be?

Any ideas?

Is there a difference between the URL you copy and the URL the email links to? (Not the text of the email but the link applied to that text)

I think to answer this, you’d actually need to share an example link that you are trying to copy. And share the link that ends up in your sent test email.

Let’s look for differences.

Perhaps modify it slightly if it is private, but try not to change any of the syntax.

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