Extracting more understanding from the graph view: Additional graph layout algorithms

I suggest adding additional user-selectable graph layout options to the existing default approach.

Graphs are notoriously hard to layout in a way that best exposes the essense of the graph. Giving users a simple way to flick through these would be very usefull (and fun!).

Cytoscape.js is an open source powerful general purpose graphing engine with multiple layout options e.g.


I’d vote for that.

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I was just looking at the graph of my vault in Obsidian and a graph in Roam of the same imported vault, and I realized that Roam’s graph, while not very aesthetically appealing, is still very effective in displaying relationships and links without cluttering everything. Obsidian’s graph can definitely use some improvements. I was about to make this exact same feature request but then I discovered your post. The ability to change graph layout and algorithms would be greatly helpful. +1 from me.


The first option is the best!


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Another inspiration from area of note-taking apps:
TheBrain with it’s hierarchical-local-graph and great outline-like-layout rooted in any node, unfoldable also upwards towards multiple parents.

TheBrain also displays icons (image previews) and titles in the graph instead of just filenames as requested in Display customizable representation strings/icons instead of filename-only

Additional layouts (e.g. hierarchical or 3D) are already implemented in Neo4j Graph View Plugin. Perhaps that fulfills this feature request ?


I’m working on a graph view plugin based on the ideas of Neo4j Graph View that will use Cytoscape. Choosing layout options like these is definitely in the works!


My hero!