Extract note does not honor "same folder as current file"

Extract note does not honor in “same folder as current file” for newly create notes.

Obsidian 0.12.6

I feel that the extract note feature needs the same option as creating a new note. I have new notes set to a specific folder, but if I’m splitting a note then I’d ideally want the newly extracted note to be in the folder I’m working. Ie if I’m splitting a seedbox (folder) note then I’m creating two seedbox notes, if I’m splitting a definition (folder) note, then I’m creating two definitions, etc

You can open a FR for that.

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Done, 'Extract Note' should have its own new note location setting and not use the current new note setting. Kinda hoping that it could be tackled as part of the bugfix, but understand you might have already scoped out what’s in 0.12.6 :+1:

will fixed in 0.12.7

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