Extra Space in Links in Live Preview


  1. [[A | B]]
  2. C

Expected Output (and actual output in Reading mode, Quotation marks added to show exact oputput)

  1. “B”
  2. “C”

Output in Live Preview (Quotation marks added to show extra space)

  1. " B"
  2. " C"


If you simply remove one space, it works, yes?

1. [[A |B]]
2. C

Or remove both spaces:

1. [[A|B]]
2. C

Angel :angel:

Good workaround.

Unfortunately for me, A and B are almost always long titles (6+ words each). Getting rid of that white space on either side of the | would make much harder to find visually.

(I also just like the aesthetic of having that space there :sweat_smile:)

@alexv Readability is one of several reasons why I use standard markdown links instead of wiki links (when title differs from filename).
The expressive title is first thing seen when reading from left to right.

[[technical/filename.md|Expressive title]]
[Expressive title](technical/filename.md)

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Has there been any news on this? It’s been bugging me for quite a while and although it’s not a huge deal, I would like to see it fixed in the next release.

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