Extra characters when pasting from Apple Reminders or Notes

My gripe with your assessment is that this is a bug. The text is formatted so you should use paste without formatting. I don’t see this as a workaround.

I believe this is a valid feature request: handle MacOS RTF Clipboard format.

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Let me know your results! Exporter may be the way to go

That would work well if you have a whole bunch of notes in Apple Notes that you want to bring across. Unfortunately my use-case is different: I tend to write notes in Apple Notes using my phone and copy those individually into my Obsidian vault when I’m back at my computer. While I could theoretically write notes directly into Obsidian using Obsidian Mobile, I find it far quicker and easier to write in Notes and transfer afterwards (I edit the notes at the same time). That’s why I copy-and-paste into Obsidian…

Thanks for the idea, though!

Fair enough – it’s all in how you define a bug. To me, a bug is anything that doesn’t work the way users expect. But if you’d rather classify it as a feature request, that’s all good.

I see…what about Shortcuts ? you should be able to automate tedious tasks on your iOs tablets, since i do not own these devices i cant tell you more.


So the reason why it works in all of those, is because they are “text only” fields and only uses the text/plain version that Apple Reminders properly export. I’m guessing what’s happening here is that Apple Reminders put out an RTF version that has the extra lines, which are kept into the HTML version that the browser engine converts to.

Try pasting into something like Google Docs. Also please try pasting into this clipboard tester page Clipboard Test (preferably with Chrome) and show us what the output looks like.

If Apple Reminders do in fact add the extra lines, then there isn’t anything we can do - you’d have to file a bug report with Apple.

From our perspective, we can’t really “strip” preceding empty lines because many people do actually copy text with empty lines before or after when reorganizing paragraphs, and stripping it would be a much bigger annoyance.

I suspect it “works” between Apple apps because they have some kind of workarounds for each other (or have specific parsers that understand that the input came from Apple Reminders and performs the necessary stripping).

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