Expose proxy settings in Obsidian

Use case or problem

When using Obsidian behind a firewall or in certain countries (where github is hard to access), it is impossible to browse or install plugins and themes.

I found out that I can add an startup argument like


to the obsidian executable file to enable proxy.

But it is not so friendly to new users especially non-engineer users.

Proposed solution

So, can dev team consider to expose this in obsidian settings page ?

Current workaround (optional)

Manually add an argument to obsidian.exe:


Related feature requests (optional)

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How do you use chrome or edge?

Why not putting this in the system wise-proxy settings?

For national wide firewalls in some countries, just black-listed sites are blocked, such as github or youtube. Proxy servers always have limited bandwidth and they are only used for blocked sites.

Some companies, have also blocked github to prevent employee copying & pasting code from open-source projects.

System level proxy is usually not a good idea because it will decrease the speed of normal accessible sites. So I will never setup a system-wide proxy. But I am using a plugin named SwitchySharp in Chrome, it allows me initialize some rules to indicate which site need the proxy and which site can use direct link.

Github is indeed blocked in some countries, which will affect Obsidian’s plugin & theme installation experience.

Yes, there are some system-wide proxy switchers support a PAC rule file.

But a dedicated proxy option in the settings page is helpful, can prevent polluting system proxy settings.

ok, we’ll think about it.