Exporting to PDF with CSS: Repeating Header line?

Things I have tried & What I’m trying to do:

I’m trying to set my CSS snippet so that there’s a repeating header line, so that when you export a Obsidian note to PDF it includes “TITLE” on every page. I’d love to have a sequential page number next to that too if that’s possible.

The top part of this snippet works. I can set the margins with @page. I’ve done a lot of googling and I keep getting suggestions like the bottom part of the snippet here, but none of them seem to work with Obsidian.

/* page borders */
 @page {
    margin-top: 1in;
    margin-bottom: 1in;
    margin-left: 1in;
    margin-right: 1in;


@page {
    @top-left {
        content: "text bla bla";          

First of all, is this even possible with Obsidian?

In this thread here How to make a Footer (and header) in PDF export - #2 by stevelw someone linked another program “Marked” but that only works on MacOS which I don’t have.

Any ideas?


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