Exporting to PDF should use same multi-color highlight colors as in Obsidian

All the Colors.css (5.6 KB)

Based on @pseudometa 's Shimmering Focus theme I adapted above snippet that among other things, changes the behavior of highlighting, see screenshot:


However, this theme doesn’t govern the exports to PDF meaning it goes to default, I guess, and looks like this:

Most of the time this is fine, but sometimes I use these colors in order of importance, and I also chose them to stand out, visually.

Would anyone be able to help me figure out, presumably another snippet, that’ll have the colors appear in the PDF export as they show up in Obsidian?
Is this possible?


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Any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile:

I finally figured it out! Not sure if anyone else is interested or if this is just useful for me, but here’s the snippet:

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