Exporting/Rendering in a specific styled docx/gdocs

After thinking about it, I’m probably trying to replicate the entire functionality of Scrivener, including Obsidian’s capabilities, but I’m an Android user, so no Scrivener for me.

Essentially, I’m looking for a way to export my .md files in a very specific way style to a .docx so I can easily copy-paste them onto websites etc.

Basically, I’m writing a book, but text alignment plays a very important role in presenting a certain type of narration. While for personal use, I can choose to use the block-quotes as a substitute, I don’t want that for the public.

If I could tell obsidian to specifically treat block quotes as center-aligned text during export to docx, that’d be great. Even more so if I can do further styling.

Here’s a thread I posted on r/selfpublish for clarity. And here’s a sample template of my chapter/manuscript layout.

Possible workarounds/solutions I’ve found out

  • Pandoc: But I don’t know how to approach it. I’ve watched this video from Obsidian Community Talks, especially the Template section, but I got lost after that point.
  • Caving in and using Scrivener + using Obsidian otg and later transfering it to Scriv: Pls no. It’s not that I hate it, but it feels weird buying an entire software just for the ability to do text alignment. Ofc it has other features as well, but that’s not my main issue atm.
  • Scrictly using GDocs for manuscript and Obsidian for planning: This is what my situation currently is anyway, so the friction is the reason I’m looking for a solution.

IA Writer exports to docx and has custom templates (but the app costs money and the templates are html/css).

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