Exporting MD notes from PDF (not a single file)

Taken from my post in help section.

Maybe we can have a Plugin for this?

I was actually thinking of a workflow where I can read a pdf, annotate it, take my small notes inside it with Markdown style and then somehow export them as md files (all with a separate file). That way we don’t even need a text editor everywhere. If I am reading a topic, I can keep taking notes in pdf (on any device) and possibly link them as we go in plain text (since we know we are on a topic and we can go on making notes on subtopics). Then, when the reading is over, we can just extract the .md or txt files with file names as the first line of the note?

I tried zotero, exported all the notes, but it’s too clumsy. I mean, say I have a 1500 page document or a 500 page book, how will I manage annotations from it in a single doc? Also, it doesn’t take the context like Google Play Book does (for epubs though, sadly).

Basically, every note in pdf with an identifier maybe, can act as a separate md file (with or without link back to the pdf).


I guess, I found the way(s) to do it. Though manually and with the help of zotero