Exporting day plan/ner to iCal as events

I’m terrible at both staying on task and switching tasks when I need to. James Lynch’s Day Planner plugin really helps with time blocking, however because there are no system notifications when a new task is scheduled to start I find that I can get a bit carried away on a certain topic. Therefore, as per the title, I’m exploring ways in which I could make my daily plan within Obsidian using day planner’s format, and easily export that to my calendar (I could then get notifications on the system, and these can be pushed to my watch etc. to remind me).

I’m completely basic at coding, but had a go at trying something with Keyboard Maestro and an applescript to create a calendar event (I was hoping from the copied text of my day planner list), but haven’t had much luck with that.

Any help in trying to get this to happen would be greatly appreciated!

I use it in the reverse direction where I have everything in my calendar and then pull it into the day planner using gcalcli.

Although this isn’t answering your question directly, I’m getting system notifications from Day Planner. I think there is an option in the settings for it.

Thanks @shabegom, that’s an idea. There’s not reason it needs to run in the direction I asked. I’ll look into that.

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