Exporting a full vault as html

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I have been using Obsidian for the past couple months and have started to use it for a college project which has grown fairly large. So I need to be able to export it so I can send it to my teacher. I used different exporting methods but settled on the WebPage HTML Export by Nathan George, which seemed to work for a while, however now whenever I seem to export them, it only seems to export the first half of the page before just stopping. I don’t know if its because the files are too large but even when I exported a single page rather than a full vault it would only export half of a page.

I have tried turning on and off settings, I have changed the time on the Dataview Block Render time and it doesn’t seem to affect it at all.
I have tried exporting it through github but could never work out how to load it through linux (because despite having used linux for a year i still have no clue what i am doing)
I have tried searching the plug ins section for a better option

At the moment ive had to export individual notes as pdfs and dump them in a folder. But i refuse to give up on the fact that there is probably a better solution.
so I’m not sure if im missing something and I’m obviously missing a key detail or if theres a better plug in that i missed or a generally better way of doing it.

So any help or pointers are much appreciated because I’m currently at a total loss.

Hello, I am the developer of Webpage HTML Export, this was due to an obsidian update and has now been fixed :slight_smile:


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