Export to PDF for mobile devices

Export to PDF for mobile devices


[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v 1.3.0

Hey there,

I am unable to export my notes in PDF format from my mobile devices which leads to inconvenience often times.
Desktop version got this feature nearly a year ago but still to this date mobile one’s lack this really important feature.
Also I have noticed that the community only pays attention to the desktop version only and I don’t know why mobile is completely ignored.

Until that happens, you can open notes in another mobile markdown editor that exports to PDF. 1Writer and iA Writer work on iOS, and Markor and iA Writer (for example) will probably work on Android.


Ok that’s good will surely use your advice. But eagerly waiting for the mobile version of obsidian to support that (only big issue)

I can attest to the Android apps. Markor works fine but if you’re using a style sheet, Ai may do that, though I’ve only really installed and forgot I had it. If you use Termux, you could use pandoc, which also does other markup languages and DOCx, DOC, and other extensions.