Export note to .mediawiki

What I’m trying to do

Hi community,

I’m doing my first steps with obsidian and am very pleased with what I can achieve.
Right now I’m stuck with an specific requirement, I need to import notes to .mediawiki.

Things I have tried

Exporting a note to a .wikimedia-file using the pandoc plugin works like a charm.
To automate the “import” in mediawiki I tried the templater plugin and pbcopy on my mac, which unfortunately does not seem to handle German Umlauts.
Alternatively I tried to open the generated .mediawiki-file in Visual Studio Code (which renders the Umlauts correctly) using the shell command plugin. Copy and Paste would be fine, but I cannot get the open file in vsc working.

Does anybody have an idea how to convert a note to .wikimedia and copy it to the clipboard to paste it directly in my wiki?

I would be happy for any support.

Thx mflue

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