Export multiple notes as .pdf

Option to export all notes in a folder, or selected ones, as individual pdf files.


Yes please.

Entire vault to a single PDF would be particularly helpful.


I think pandoc lets you do this, if that helps.


Also interested in that feature

Additional twist: Add a depth parameter to the PDF export feature. Obsidian will then export all linked notes from the current note, up to the depth specified.

This would allow easy extraction of sections of the vault.


Yes, the feature request is to do so from Obsidian. Exporting in general is missing (PDF export per single note is all I have found). Would be nice to be able to export entire vaults as well, as PDF, and HTML too.


Pandoc is not exactly beginner friendly unfortunately. It would be nice if the feature to export the entire vault was available while preserving internal links.


I support this feature request for sure. Another request here to simplify merging: Publish to website alternative - via PDF export



I agree, I like what Mind Manager does with their HTML export. If the app was storing data as markdown and had features of Obsidian I’d use it exclusively. For now, I just embed the HTML into Obsidian itself and modify the height/width parameters.

I agree that this would be an excellent feature.

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I agree, exporting multiple notes (entire vault or selected notes) into a single PDF would be good. I think the original poster meant generating separate pdf files for each exported notes, but maybe we could have both, and create an option for the user?

I also opened a feature request for exporting PDF files via command line. I think it could nicely pair with this feature, as you could easily state what notes you want to export on the commandline. :slight_smile:

But of course this feature needs a graphical user interface too, so the command line thing would not be the only way to export multiple notes.

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If the OP and others care more about exporting notes combined, we can already use transclusion for that, which exports just fine.

+1 Really need to have an easier way to export multiple notes to separate PDF files.


I would also like the feature to have individual PDFs for each note if possible (I know linking wouldnt work!)

I would also love this feature. Will check out transclusion.

Any news on this? I really need it now…

I wrote a short blog post showing two methods to do this. Method 1 works within Obsidian and Method 2 uses Pandoc. Here is a link: Export multiple obsidian markdown files as pdf
Hope that helps.

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Look at this blog post showing in detail to methods to do this:
Export multiple obsidian markdown files as pdf