Export headings as bookmarks in PDF export

Use case or problem

When exporting large markdown files, it’s easier to navigated the PDF file with bookmarks.

Proposed solution

Use headings to properly create hierarchical bookmarks in the exported PDF file.

Current workaround (optional)

Using Typora to export to PDF which generates the bookmarks from headings. Downside is that images and block embeddings are not exported properly.


I don’t use the pdf export often, but +1.

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I use pdf export heavily. Tried using pandoc plugin, but it is not rendering pdf correctly. I generate pretty long notes with dataview plugin, and need bookmarks for headings to navigate the generate pdf easily.

I use PDFs a lot and I think this feature would be very helpful.


I use pdf heavily, strongly recommend add this function


This is a quite useful feature.

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My work around is using pandoc.

pandoc --pdf-engine=xelatex -s -o OUTPUT_PATH INPUT_OBSIDIAN_MD_PATH

The syntax of image should use this format.

![](../assets/media/sceenshoot_20221115091617.png){ width=30% height=30%}
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I hope this function can be implemented as soon as possible. I really need this function for pdf export.


I agree, it would be great to have headings in the PDF that correspond with the headings in the content.

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Hey there @HL.W have you found any way to preserve the Obsidian style when using pandoc? Like when I do a PDF export I get a great-looking PDF out of Obsidian, but the PDF is garbage b/c it lacks a ToC.

Using the pandoc command provided, I do get ToC but the styling isn’t nearly as nice. The code blocks in particular are less appealing vs. the Obsidian style PDF.

would like to add a +1 to this request, it’s just fundamental usability

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yes, this feature is also strongly needed for Chinese Obsidian fans.

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