Export graph pane as PDF?

Searched but found no results…so…Is there a feature in the pipeline to export as PDF (for printing) the contents of either/both the Global or Current Graph pane?

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Not sure, but I love the idea of something more than a screenshot. Maybe, it could have a setting that automatically renders at high enough resolution that all node titles are not only visible, but also clearly readable with minimal overlap if any.

Along with this, if turned on, maybe it could automatically and intelligently increase resolution, or decrease link connection thickness to a floor set by the user in pixels. Using a combination of these tactics, this algorithm might be able to achieve a certain customizable user set percentage value of background empty space showing through between the links, within the area of the shape defined by outer most nodes. This option would probably be best for busy graphs and overnight/walk away renders.

Instead, some users may prefer a setting where they simply dictate render time and maybe optionally choose a priority mode for various qualities to strive for like smoothness or text readability.

I understand that for interaction purposes in the graph view, this is not really feasible, but who knows? Maybe some day? Obviously, I am just spitballing. And, I know that I may go a bit overboard in some of my posts, but it is not in vain in the off chance that even just some of it sticks, and somehow helps, if only in opening a fresh can of worms for discussion. Thanks.

Not yet! It would be a good feature request… want to modify your post? Else I can.

Done. Thanks.