Export entire vault as a book

I think I’m not the only one to have thought of a plugin for exporting a vault as a book/pdf. I now had a more concrete idea for it. Here’s a rough sketch:

Algorithm that arranges the notes onto pages as to minimise the (average) distance (in pages) between linked notes (weighted by “importance” of link ??)

Links will display their page number non-obtrusively (as superscript? subscript? Differentiate from footnote). With the help of the algorithm, the link should usually be close by and quick to flip to.

Alphabetised index of notes

Perhaps by default, group the contents of each folder in their own section/chapter

Customisation options

  • Allow choosing which folders to include / Other filtering methods?
  • Rearrange chapters
  • Alternative methods of ordering the notes/pages
    • Chronological order? Alphabetical order?
  • Page layout options
    • Start new page for every note?
  • Display backlinks?

I thought this might be the expertise of the Graph Analysis team. So @SkepticMystic, if you’re interested, I’d love it if you made this happen! (of course anyone else is free to do it too)