Export datas from Evernote to Obsidian

May be you already talk about this but sorry I am stuck and I dont know how to do this.

I already use EVERNOTE and want to move my datas of over 1000 notes inside folders to obsidian. My question is about exporting. I am struggling with that so I ask you some help.

I want first to export my datas from Evernote to obsidian in a new vault.

Recently Evernote has changed their ways they put a limit of 100 notes or only export one folder by one folder.

All my notes are in folders. Perfectly classified and there is over 70 folders.

I asked Evernote about an export tool but I dont have any answer !

There used to be a " legacy version " which authorized a full export but none now.

How could I export my notes inside theirs folders so I could Import them into obsidian with their import tool ?

Thanks you so much indeed for your help.

It’s Ok I did it by files and it worked

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