Explanations of the available commands

Use case or problem

Some of the available commands are not self-explanatory enough. For example, Fold less and Fold more. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I didn’t really know what these would do before I fiddled around with it and found out by myself. This is not so user-friendly, especially for people beginning to use obsidian.

Proposed solution

I suggest adding a tooltip, an expandable explanation (as an accordion?), a demo, or a preview for each of the commands respectively. It would be helpful to wrap one’s head around it.

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At the very least, they should all be documented in Help.

The only one of these contextual suggests that seems workable to me in the command palette is a tooltip, and those don’t work on touchscreens (tho maybe you could do a long-press tooltip). Oh, maybe one of those question/mark-in-a-circle icons at the end, which you could tap for more info. Or maybe that would be too awkward, I don’t know.


Sorry for the holdup, it’s been a while. I believe the question icon at the end would make sense. It could open a modal window with the explanations and the use case.