Expand the "file watcher" capability to the whole vault instead of just the root

[maybe bug, maybe feature rqst]
External creation, deletion & modfications to note files are reflected instantaneously for files in the topmost directory of the vault but go unnoticed for any subdirectories

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I’m curious, have you noticed if external subdirectory items changes remain undetected after an Obsidian restart?

Yes, I’ve noticed, and yes, after restart the changes are immediately visible in obsidian

It would be nice not to have to restart. But that is a big relief.

I have now confirmed that this is “standard” behaviour for linux based systems.

A summary of the whole topic can be found at https://ourcodeworld.com/articles/read/160/watch-files-and-directories-with-electron-framework

As/when people start developing plugins (which will in many cases create new Notes) this will become a significant issue for linux users if not improved.

I would appreciate a statement of intent from the devs on this because if it’s going to be “won’t fix” then I will have to start converting my workflow to use a flat structure. Thanks Nigel.