Expand Selection into another/new note while retaining link to new note selection as a block

What I’m trying to do

I do a lot of research on different topics for fictional story ideas. Sometimes I am reading my notes on a topic and I would like to expand on a particular phrase or sentence in a block, but do so in a new note while retaining a link to the new expansion in the source document.

Wondering if someone has more knowledge than me about Note Refactor or plug-ins like it, I’m looking for the following:

  1. Be able to highlight/select a section of text in a block in a source note.
  2. Right click and extract that selection into a new note while retaining the original selection as a block link to the new/existing note that now contains the copied selection.

This would allow me to immediately stop what I am reading and go into that new note, make some changes to the block to refine my idea, switch back to the source note and continue reading until I find another sentence or phrase else I want to expand on.

Does anyone know if Refactor does this, or could recommend a different plug-in?

Things I have tried

I have tried planing with the right click options of Note Refactor, but I can’t seem to find the feature I am looking for.

I would like to refine my current workflow as well.
What I do is use the Copy Block Link plugin* (if you pick/click the embed command, all it does is add the embed ! character to the link).

My beef with this that a whole, sometimes 500-word paragraph will be transcluded to the other note. So one would need to break up the continuous flow of coherent text (paragraph or block of text) by inserting new lines and then pick the small part that one wants to transclude.

  • But then each time I would need to preface the small dangling parts like so:
Graves continues:
> Ceres was an Etruscan......

I would like an improvement on this method myself.

Never tried the Refractor plugin (for more than a few secs).

* When is this functionality coming to core Obsidian?

Yeah I don’t know if it should be in core. Not everyone needs it. For me a plug-in would suffice maybe I will just add a feature request to refactor.

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