Existing similarly-named note titles and links show up as Unlinked Mentions

This may be a special case since I’m currently using Obsidian as a study tool for the Bible, though once school starts I could see this issue remaining considering many notes will exist with similar titles, like [[Cognitive Behavior Therapy]] and [[Dialectical Behavioral Therapy]].

On many notes, multiple existing linked references show up in the Unlinked Mentions category since the note I’m currently in is a word/name that shares that name in the title of a book, for instance.

Steps to reproduce

Create a few notes. For this example, I will use:

[[Timothy]] (person)
[[1 Timothy]] (book)
[[1 Timothy 2]] (chapter)

Expected result

When in the [[Timothy]] note, Unlinked Mentions should show mentions of Timothy that are not currently linked, nor that are contained within another link.

Actual result

When in the [[Timothy]] note, Unlinked Mentions show all mentions of the name “Timothy” even if they are currently linked within another note. For example, the Unlinked Mentions on the [[Timothy]] note show each instance of the name “Timothy” and highlight a suggestion within an existing link, including the following:

[[1 Timothy]]
[[1 Timothy 2]]


  • Operating system: macOS Catalina 10.15.6 Beta (19G71a)
  • Obsidian version: Obsidian v0.7.6

Additional information

There are two issues with this. One, it clutters up the Unlinked Mentions page with multiple linked mentions that need to remain separate as both book and chapter notes. Two, linking the notes with the link button results in the following:

[[1 [[Timothy]] 2]]

thereby breaking the original link.

Thanks for the report

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let me know if you still have this with 0.8.4

Fixed! Thanks so much!