Excluding author MOCs from graph view

Hi all, I’m doing academic research so I have lots of sources and quotes. I like to have a note with the citation for the article I’m reading, and then every quote in it own note. The Citation note also has a dataview-generated list of all the article quotes that link to it. So far so good.

When I turn on graph view, all the quote-notes from the same article cluster together around the Citation note. I would rather them not do that, but instead float around in relation to all my other notes based on other topic-oriented MOCs, tags, links, etc. Clustering together around the citation is not particularly helpful for finding distant relationships and seeing how larger picture things come together.

That being said, I need to have a list of the individual quotes on the Citation note, and I need to have a way to get back to the citation note easily from the individual quote notes. I tried using a “Parent” property but those are still treated like links by graph view. Any thoughts?

So, I found a way to do this, so for whoever might stumble upon this in their time of need: I have a property called “Type”, which has the options “Citation” “Quote” etc. In graph view, you can search with operators, meaning that if I type in -[“type”:“citation”], all the notes with that property disappear from view!

If anyone find a more elegant way of doing this, let me know!

I think that’s pretty much the way to do it. That only thing I’d add is to recommend that you bookmark the graph configuration. Bookmarks - Obsidian Help

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