Excluded files doesn't work for Unlinked Mentions in Outgoing links

Steps to reproduce

Add a file name to the Excluded files filter

Expected result

As the setting description says, the file Inbox should be hidden from Search and Unlinked Mentions, and less noticeable in Quick Switcher.

Actual result

It does get hidden in Search and Quick Switcher, but it still appears in the Unlinked Mentions.


  • macOS
  • Obsidian v0.14.7

Post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault.

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Ok, the problem is with unlinked mentions in outgoing links.

Oh yeah, sorry that I forgot there are Unlinked Mentions in Backlinks as well. And yes, Excluded Files are hidden in Backlinks Unlinked Mentions as expected.

will be fixed 0.14.8

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