Exclude Tags From Export

Hi all,

is there a way to exclude tags from exporting to PDF?

I share notes with others and don’t want the tags included. My tags are all over the place within my documents, and there are so many of them that moving them all to frontmatter is not really an option (in case frontmatter would be a solution).

I assume this is a feature request, if I overlooked something let me know!

[forgot to mention that Bear does this]

Thanks, Hans


This would be great, I also share PDF’s with people, and would love to exclude the tags.

Be great if there was a checkbox to do this on the export to PDF options screen. Or if there as a plugin that could do this.

Currently deleting out tags then exporting the PDF.

we will soon have a comment syntax. Put tags in comments.


Oh nice :smiley: look forward to it