Exclude Multiple folders Excludes Unintended folder

I’m trying to pull a list of tasks from all folders except 3 which are for Examples or are archived etc. but it seems that it’s filtering out all of my folders.

FROM -"Archived" AND -"Template" AND -"Obsidian Examples"
WHERE (status != "x") AND (status != "X") AND (due < date(today))

All 3 of these are nested within the root directory along with my “Active” folder which contains active project folders and some of these contain tasks but they are not propagating on my dashboard.
I seem to only get tasks from my notes that are not in a folder.
I did try adding the Active to the list without the “-” but it just caused nothing to show instead.
Any Ideas?

It will not pull from any child folders of my Active Directory. I just tried to put a note in Active itself and it will pull the task.

Ok I’m not sure what the deal is. it actually works fine on some other SubFolder docs… It seems to not work from one specific file so I’ll have to look at that outside of obsidian.

I renamed the file from the system file manager and then it worked.

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