Exclude folders from search

It would be nice to be able to exclude certain folders within the Vault from the search function.

At present, I have created a Vault in the “root” of my documents-folder, where all of my files are organized following the PARA method (in folders named 1. Projects, 2. Areas, 3. Resources and 4. Archive). That works great, except for the fact that I have a folder structure consisting of unorganized files within the “4. Archive”-folder (my old, unorganized files). When searching within Obsidian, all these unorganized files are included in the search, causing both clutter and a slow search.

I could of course move the old files, but that would mess up my overall file storage organisation (which I am hoping to combine seemlessly with my Obsidian Vault).

In any case, great software!


this is possible with the revamped search

Care to link to how?

path:-“Daily notes”

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FWIW this uses the curly quotes for some reason. Use normal quotes and it’ll work.