Exclamation mark in folder name creates problems

Steps to reproduce\

  1. Create a new vault
  2. Create two directories “!A” and “B” in root
  3. Publish both
  4. Create directory “A”
  5. Publish “A”
  6. Unpublish everything (does not really work)
  7. Delete publish site (does not really work()

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

Sort of. When I did this, the problem went away.

Expected result

Remove files.

Actual result

Did not remove files.

Additional information

I published the vault, then deleted the site, then added the site, then published and the problem went away. I think that there is an underlying problem involving question marks though.

In the bug report template you’re asked for “Environment” and the “show debug info” output. I think that would be helpful here.