Exclamation mark for Internal Link

Things I have tried

Hello everyone, such a question, how can I instantly show and hide links to multiple internal images.
I tried to place the cursor next to each of them and then add or remove ! but it is not convenient and long.

What I’m trying to do

I would like to know if there is an opportunity or a hot key for this function, since doing it manually is terribly long if there are a lot of images.
An example video to make it easier to understand what I want to achieve

When you drag an image into a file it should automatically add the exclamation mark.

If it doesn’t, search and replace works quickly:

Search [[

Replace ![[

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Yes, it is, it automatically puts an exclamation mark, and I need to quickly remove it or add it to a lot of images.

Search and replace - yes, this is exactly what I need, but I would still like to somehow automate this process, thanks anyway, because this already solves my problem (:

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