EXCERPT/annotate FUNCTİON in Obsidian Like Marginnote/Liqudtext


Is there a way to connect pdf to obsidian for excerpting function. (take selected notes from pdf to Obsidian DİRECTLY) ? Especialy with canvas feature…

İ m using margin note and excerpting feature is so valuable for me. İ m working academic and i cant imagine workspace without my pdf s.
İ really like obsidian but i didnt find a solution for connecting my pdf s in a same way i did in marginnote.

Proposed solution

i want to see selected pdf notes or pictures in obsidian notes directly and when i click on them i want to go visa versa ( to pdf)

Current workaround

There are export options (plug in) from taking notes from marginnote to Obsidian but İ wonder excerpting in Obsidian.

Best regards

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