Excalidraw OCR Plugin not working

What I’m trying to do

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to use the OCR feature in the Excalidraw plugin.
It uses a cloud based service from a company named Taskbone in its backend for doing the OCR. I have obtained the key for taskbone’s api and input that into the excalidraw settings.
The issue I am facing here is that, whenever I select any handwritten text and then click on the OCR button, nothing happens. I am not able to figure out why this might be happening. I would really appreciate any help that can help in resolving this.

Things I have tried

I could not find much on the net w.r.t this.

If you don’t find an answer here you can try on Obsidan’s Discord server or post your question as an issue on Excalidraw’s GitHub.

I am having the same issue. I’m working on Android at the moment. I followed Zsolt’s video on how to do it, including trying the OCR button with: No writing selected, all writing selected, and then holding the Ctrl button while I clicked the OCR button. Nothing shows up in the front matter, and I don’t get a popup notification saying the text has already been scanned :confused:

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