Excalibrain feature in right side bar?

Is it possible to add an Excalibrain type feature in the right side panel? Being able to add connection there instead of formulating sentences in the note itself would be huge for me. Tags get overwhelming and is one of the reasons I’m in the process of leaving Bear.

Use case or problem

Tags can be overwhelming and offering a side pane view of connections and how they’re connected would be great. Right now I can’t remember if I’ve made the backlink live when typing then I’m searching around for which note had the link. Being able to just connect to other notes in a separate section would keep the note itself more clean.

Proposed solution

Offer an Excalibrain type way of connecting notes by having another tab in the right pane for these type of connections.

Current workaround (optional)

I currently have a long list of connections at the bottom of the note. I can hide with double %'s but it feels more intuitive to use the right pane since that’s what it seems for.

See Visual/Spatial Note Taking - Whiteboard - Mind Map - Concept Map - #70 by tobei which is being worked on right now