Example CSS file for Obsidian Publish?

Hi there, do you have an example CSS file for Obsidian Publish that we could use as a benchmark? Am I correct in thinking this is it (https://publish.obsidian.md/app.css)?


Yeah. That is Obsidian CSS

Hi @scott1, there’s no template file, you can inspect the things you want to change with the developer tools and only override those. Your styling will be applied on top of the existing styling – so if you only want to do minor tweaks, your obsidian.css or publish.css should be really short.

If you want to see our complete CSS, yes, app.css is the one.

Hi Silver, thanks for this — I’ve updated (and tried) both obsidian.css and publish.css; cleared cache, etc. and can’t seem to simply change the font size nor the colour? Am I doing something stupid?

Do you mind sending me the address of your site so I can take a look? Thanks!


Hi, I believe you uploaded publish.css.md which is a Markdown file. If you remove the .md suffix it should work.

My guess is this because I can see this file on your site: publish.css - Obsidian Publish

I think it’s now a css file, yet still showing the same? Thanks so much for your help btw.

It looks like it’s still under the “Publish Obsidian” folder. I know you probably don’t want to publish anything else under the vault root, but for CSS please put it at the root of the vault and then publish.

I hope that helps!