Evil jank regarding the specific text "ͼ1"

Hi folks!

Recently I had an issue posted on my theme where tabs opened in new windows mysteriously stopped showing my theme. After checking the inspector, it turned out that my theme wasn’t even being loaded!

I did some more testing involving changing the text of other themes and then bisecting my code to find it which lead to this very strange discovery:

ͼ1 breaks everything.

Why? I don’t really know. I took the .ͼ1 class from the code mirror <style> block when I was fixing some gutter things at one point. Having this will cause the file to straight up not load in other windows.

For some reason, this works both when a CSS file (theme or snippet in this case) uses the specific text, even in a comment. This leads to some weird shenanigans.

(Janky) “Uses”

First of all, this can be added to snippets you don’t want to load in other windows. I have no idea why you would do this, but you can!

/* Because of the above text, this only affects the main window! */

body {
    --text-normal: red !important;

You could also use this to troll your friends by adding it as a comment in one of the evil and forbidden “Fixed some things” commits

    color: thebest;

- /* Fixes... something! */
+ /* The text ͼ1 looks like a weird turtle */
* {
    all: unset;

This would cause the specific bug to happen later! Not sure why you would want to do this, though…

Now, go forth and cause wanton chaos and jank!

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