Every time I click into a table, the entire table is higlighted and I need to scroll all the way back down to add the next rows

What I’m trying to do

Add more info into a table at the bottom of it

Things I have tried

Advanced Tables plugin, checked the Tables page on the help site

Tables and highlight. I can’t click into a table without the whole thing being highlighted, then I need to click away or hit ctrl+end each time, is this the default way tables work in Obsidian?

I agree this. Highlighting the whole table doesn’t serve any useful purpose when editing the table in Live Preview editing mode (unless you want to delete the table). The thing is that you can pin and use cmd/ctrl + shift + e to toggle between Source and Live Preview because Source mode can be useful in various other ways (for example when writing MathJax). This way you can use Source mode for notes that includes tables and then Live Preview for other type of notes. Reading mode is in general useful, so you should use it regardless if you edit in Live Preview or Source. For example comments and extra line brakes are not rendered in Reading mode.

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