Every new device open daily notes ads template

Obsidian on two Windows PC’s and on Android using Obsidian Sync. I start a day on one device (Android) and then on desktop (or vice versa) I ended with a double inserted template on a daily note. And If I open Obsidian on the second PC, it also adds a template. So, every device adds a template for the first time on the day it’s opened.

Steps to reproduce

  • Open Obsidian first time on a day on one device (auto open daily note) it ads template as it should.
  • Open Obsidian on second device - it ads same template under the first one.
  • Same if I open Obsidian on third device (third template text is added).

Expected result

I would expect to see the template added only the first time, no matter what device.

Actual result

Every first time on a day on a new device on daily notes it ads a template. So you ended with a daily note with multiple template text added (as many as you have different devices synch and opened on the same day).


  • Operating system: Windows 10, Android
  • Obsidian version: Windows: 0.11.10, Android: 0.0.15

Additional information

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do you have third party plugins enabled?

can you do this test for me.
Open obsidian on the second device, make sure that sync is on and wait a minute.
Open the daily note.
Do you get the duplicate?

  1. Yes, I have 3rd party plugins. Advanced Appearance, Advanced Tables, Calendar, Icons, Natural Language Dates, Templates.
  2. I will try that. I must wait untill tomorrow since this happens only when I open daily note first time on a day. Later I can change devices and open daily note and it doesn’t happen again. I’ve also disabled “Open daily note on startup”.

see if you can reproduce this with third party plugins disabled.

OK, will do.

In the morning I’ve opened Obsidian on PC than on Android. And template wasn’t duplicated. For tomorrow I will turn on third-party plugins and let the “Open daily note on startup” button disabled. I suspect that problem is opening daily note before it is synched cause problem.

i think the problem might be this.

You open a daily note that doesn’t yet exist. It creates it using the template.
Then sync starts and the daily note from the other computer is download and merged with the one you just generated. You end up with duplicate template.

Yes, it’s logical. It’s inconvenient though. Most of the things, especially in the morning I do in a “Daily note”. But not a big problem. I will delete that double inserted template if needed.

Would it be possible that Obsidian Sync would first sync files (priority on Daily note) and after that open new or existing Daily note? Even if it would take few seconds more to open.


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